Sprint tops Verizon in customer service call satisfaction in recent survey

January 25, 2011 | by Chris Smith


Sprint Logo

With Sprint being the first to introduce a true 4G network in the US and bringing us compelling 4G devices like the EVO and the EPIC, it’s important that their customer service is on par with what they offer. According to Vocal Laboratories (a company that gives phone surveys immediately following a service call), Sprint has made strong gains in customer satisfaction overtaking the top-seeded Verizon Wireless.

This is really good news for Sprint as over the past few years their customer churn has been one of the highest in the industry. Not having very compelling phones had a lot to do with it, but Sprint’s customer service was terrible. Vocal Laboratories is reporting that 71% of Sprint users asked about their service call were “very satisfied” with it, which is up a whole 11 points from the same survey last year. AT&T and T-Mobile tied for second place, while Verizon fell to 4th.

Personally, I had to deal with Sprint customer service in 2009 as I tried to switch to the NOW Network from Verizon, mostly because of the prices. The determining factor for me was how horrible customer service was. No matter when I called, or who I talked to I couldn’t get my problems resolved (this was when the Palm Pre was first launched). I’m just glad to see that Sprint is stepping up their game. It really makes a huge difference when you are talking to someone competent on the other line that can solve your issues.

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