Updated: SMS bug in Android sends your text messages to unwanted contacts

January 1, 2011 | by Chris Smith

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There has been an ongoing SMS (text messaging) bug in Android for around 6 months that has some users pretty upset, or maybe even fired from their jobs because of it. It appears that on some handsets (the latest being the Nexus One with stock Froyo installed) when a user sends a message to, say, John Smith, it looks as if he has sent the message correctly. It is only until you look at the message details that you see that the message has been sent to someone completely different

A bug like this seems that it needs to be taken care of immediately as the consequences of sending messages to wrong contacts could be serious, especially when you are talking about private matters. And of course, when corporate IT gets a hold of a story like this it almost immediately puts a stop to any plans of corporate adoption of Android.

On the Google Code site this bug report has only been prioritized as “medium” meaning that Google doesn’t see it as such a big deal. The story is popping up all over on Android and tech news sites and bug report on Google Code has about 700 comments at the time of posting.

If you think that this is an important fix that needs taken care of, head over to the Google Code link below and add you two cents.

Update: Google has officially responded to the masses of people that have commented and starred the item on Google Code. The priority level of this fix is considered to be “Critical” which means that it is an “issue that prevents the product from shipping or should be patched in the field”. Hopefully it won’t be too much longer before we see an official update to 2.2.

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