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ShootMe lets root users create video screencasts directly on Android

January 19, 2011 | by Andrew Kameka



ShootMe is one of my favorite Android apps because it can take screenshots of an Android device. It once took firing up the Android emulator on the desktop to do that, but with a rooted device, this app allows users to take a snapshot of his or her screen.

Now, ShootMe can make videos as well! The latest version of the app features a mode called “Continuous” that will continuously capture the image on a device and create a video of it. There’s no sound at the moment, but that’s fine for now. With Continuous mode activated, Android users can create screencasts with their phones that can be used for tutorials or product demo’s. That’s one less reason to need to fire up the emulator.

The framerate of captured videos is not the fastest, so don’t move too quickly when creating screencasts. ShootMe developer Johan Cloetens has taken great strides in improving the app – and remote screenshot capturing tool PicMe - so you can bet that the screencast mode will get stronger. Here’s how to use it.

1. Your phone must be rooted in order for this to work.

2. Download ShootMe

3. Open ShootMe and press the icon in the top-right corner

4. Select “Continuous (screencast)” and press “Accept”

5. Press “Hide” and go about your screencast

6. Return to ShootMe when complete and press “Quit” to stop recording

Videos will be stored SDCard > ShootMe

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