Rooting tool ‘unrevoked 3.3′ released, allows SLCD HTC Incredible to be rooted

January 3, 2011 | by Chris Smith

Android Hacks


Yes, they are at it again. The unrevoked team that has brought you all your fancy-shmancy rooting tools and options has just upgraded their infamous unrevoked tool to version 3.3. The newest version supports the newer HTC DROID Incredible that has the SLCD screen instead of the first revision with the AMOLED as well as the new HTC EVO revision.

I have personally used the unrevoked tool many times on my own Incredible as well as other colleagues and it has worked without a hitch. Until now the SLCD Incredible as been a bit of a pain to root, but it looks like unrevoked 3.3 will solve that issue.

If you have a new HTC Incredible or HTC EVO from the holidays and want to root it, unrevoked 3.3 is your easiest, best option for obtaining it. Oh by the way, you will indeed void your warranty on your device, and if anything happens to it (which most likely won’t happen), you are responsible.

Via [DroidLife]