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Puzzle game Shift finally in the Market, controls need work

January 25, 2011 | by Michael Heller

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The puzzle game “Shift” was one of my favorites back in my iPhone days. It has finally made the leap to Android, but unfortunately it hasn’t made the transition perfectly. Shift is still a great puzzle game with a unique twist of being able to invert the colors of the world in order to make your way through. The trouble is in the controls.

As you can see, the movement controls are set on either side of the game screen. The idea is that you run left or right, then slide your finger up to jump, and slide back down to continue running. The problem is that this layout doesn’t work too well and quite often I found myself not jumping when I slid my finger. On iPhone, the setup was that as you ran one direction, the arrow for the opposite direction became a tap-to-jump button, which was far more responsive and accurate for this type of gameplay.

The game is still solid, and the developer could change the controls, but I’d suggest you give the lite version a try before buying.

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