Phone Review: Motorola DROID PRO first impressions

January 3, 2011 | by Chris Smith

Android Phones and Devices

Droid Pro 1

We just got our hands on the new Motorola DROID PRO from Verizon Wireless and we are going to put it through its paces in the coming days. We will take a look at how the phone performs, its software, the hardware including camera and build quality, as well as how the phone performs as a business device as that is how Verizon and Motorola are marketing it. Today we will crack open the box and give our first impressions.

The DROID PRO is the latest Moto device on Verizon Wireless and is intended to cater to the business user rather than the consumer. The phone has a unique form factor, as it features a full portrait QWERTY keyboard and reminds one of a BlackBerry with a much larger screen at 3.1-inches and at 320×480 resolution. The PRO feels solid in the hand and feels a bit heavier than most phones of the same form factor. The screen is responsive and the device seems to run Android 2.2 with the custom Moto enhancements and its 1GHz OMAP 3630 processor with little effort. It really is quick.

And let me just come out and say it; I love this keyboard. I have no problem typing on a full touchscreen keyboard and may even be faster on the touchscreen, but there is something about having a keyboard that can stand up to any BlackBerry’s that is compelling. The problem is that it seems that the keyboard is one of the only things going for the PRO as the outer case and back of the phone are extremely shiny, cheap and “plasticy”. It’s kind of a shame, but we will look at that more in depth in the hardware review.

It looks like at first blush though that the DROID PRO is a decent phone with some setbacks. As we dive more into the device this week we will provide are final judgements of the PRO.