iPhone Top Chart lessens app envy for iOS-to-Android converts

January 28, 2011 | by Andrew Kameka

Android App Reviews, Tools


Moving from Apple’s iOS to Google’s Android has become much easier to do thanks to the rapid maturation of Android devices and Google features that are exclusive to Android. But what’s not so easy to deal with are the popular apps that iOS users sacrifice when they convert to the ‘Droid lifestyle.

There’s no need to sacrifice all of them because there’s an Android app to help discover the top iOS apps that are also available in the Market. iPhone Top Chart shows a list of the top iOS apps and links to the Android version whenever a check-mark icon is displayed. If there’s no 1-to-1 port, Top Chart links to a close equivalent or similar alternative by displaying two arrows facing different directions.

The transition is not always successful because there are apps with an “X” icon if Top Chart has no suggestion. That’s a shortcoming of the app because when filtering between Free and Paid apps, I noticed a couple of apps that have Android alternatives the developer hasn’t discovered yet. Top Chart at least allows users to send a message to developers of top iOS apps and ask them to port it to Android.

iPhone Top Chart can be useful for finding the popular games, features, and utilities left behind when switching to Android. Download the free app and use it as a gateway to some of the popular apps that you love.