HTC to buck trend of quality and release a Gingerbread tablet

January 20, 2011 | by Michael Heller

HTC Tablets

HTC Desire

All right, admittedly, there’s no reason the device itself won’t be quality, but if people were looking for a tablet that was nothing but an oversized phone, the Galaxy Tab has been on the market for months. HTC wants to jump into the tablet market before the influx of true Android tablets running Honeycomb. The HTC Flyer will be released in March, run Gingerbread, and be designed like an oversized Desire. According to sources, the Flyer will be given the Honeycomb update when it releases.

The true Android tablets with Honeycomb are probably going to start hitting the market in April with the Motorola Xoom, then soon after with the LG G-Slate. Honeycomb has been designed specifically for use on tablets, while Gingerbread and all predecessors were designed for use on phones and other smaller devices.

HTC is also readying a pure Honeycomb tablet, code-named the Scribe. Few details exist on that tablet, but likelihood has it that we’ll get a good look at it next month at MWC in Barcelona.