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Google Goggles scans barcodes almost instantly, solves Sudoku

January 10, 2011 | by Andrew Kameka

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Like almost everything else in life, Goggles now proves that faster is better. The app previously took pictures of barcodes and then provided information a few seconds later, but Goggles can now recognize a barcode “almost instantly” and go to the results page for Product, Book, or other search options.

I quote “almost instantly” because that’s the phrase that Google uses and I cannot test it for myself. Whether on 3G or WiFi and restarting my phone, Goggles will only return “Connection error 502″ when attempting to use. A quick scan of the Market and web reveals I’m not the only person experiencing trouble . You might want to hold off updating until Google releases a fix or more information on this issue emerges.

Goggles now recognizes barcodes and QR codes within a second, and quickly spots advertisements placed in print. So the next time you see a dress in Modern Bride magazine, snap a photo and you’ll get more information on that Vera Wang creation. Not all ads will be spotted, but many of the ad pages in “major U.S. magazines and newspapers” since August 2010 are likely to appear. It appears as though Google is building its image library to make recognizing ads more frequent and quick.

Finally, check out how Goggles will help Sudoku players cheat at their favorite game.