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Gingerbread may finally be coming to the Nexus One

January 19, 2011 | by Michael Heller

Android News

Nexus One

We’ve all seen the rash of recent posts about how a month after Gingerbread’s launch it still is only in 0.4% of Android phones, but that number may be about to jump up a few tenths of a point. JR Raphael of ComputerWorld is reporting that a Google representative told him that “there have been no unexpected hurdles and that the rollout should be starting soon.”

Of course, Nexus One owners like myself have been hearing this for a while. As far back as December, we heard Google say that it would just be a matter of weeks. But, the weeks kept passing and we still have no Gingerbread. Even Cyanogen started putting out nightlies based on Gingerbread (which I’ve been using for the past few days, and are pretty nice,) and still nothing came from Google.

I won’t lie. This wait for Gingerbread has made me rethink my stance on Android updates. I’ve always taken the stance that if the manufacturers wanted, they could push updates faster than they do, and that Google was doing what they could to limit the work for manufacturers. Recently though, I’ve been thinking that if it could take Google this long to push an update of stock Android to its own Experience phone, maybe there is a bigger issue. Maybe Google isn’t doing the most they can.

Although, maybe the delay was simply due to the rebooting bug that has been uncovered with the launch of the Nexus S. Let’s hope Google gives a reason, and doesn’t just leave us to wonder.