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Gingerbread keyboard pops-up in Android Market

January 10, 2011 | by Andrew Kameka

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Google made some welcome changes to the default keyboard in the Android 2.3 update, including a facelift and improvements for accuracy and speed. So nobody was surprised that Android modders ripped the keyboard for root users as soon as the opportunity presented itself.

People without root have that opportunity as well, care of a recent entrant in the Android Market. Keyboard from Android 2.3 takes the Gingerbread keyboard and makes it suitable for the hordes of users still on Froyo or other previous versions of the operating system. Unlike previous hacks, you don’t have to go into recovery or be rooted; just press install and go.

Keyboard looks and feels better than the current Android keyboard, so grab it now. There is no guarantee that it will work with your phone, but it won’t hurt to download and hope for the best. Here’s how to install, enable, and use the Gingerbread keyboard.

  1. Install Keyboard from Android 2.3 from the Android Market.
  2. Once installed, click Menu > Settings > Language and Keyboard
  3. Select “Gingerbread Keyboard” and edit settings to your preference
  4. Go to a place where you would enter text (Gmail, SMS, Notepad, etc.). Long press on the entry field and tap “Input method”
  5. Select “Gingerbread keyboard” and start typing