G-Slate is through the FCC… probably

January 14, 2011 | by Michael Heller

LG Tablets

t mobile g-slate

A device labeled the LG-v900 tablet has passed through the FCC. Considering the G-Slate is the only tablet announced by LG, and the only?discernible?info in the filing is that it contains cell tech that matches T-Mobile (WCDMA), it’s pretty safe to say that this is the G-Slate. Unfortunately, LG added a confidentiality request on the posting, so there is still no more info on the tablet itself beyond what we already know, which isn’t much.

The extent of our info on the G-Slate is that it’s made by LG; it’ll be available on T-Mobile; it will have HSPA+ wireless; and it’ll be packing Honeycomb. Beyond that we don’t know anything on the specs of the device. This filing does reconfirm my original idea that the G-Slate would be launching soon after the Motorola Xoom, but before the Xoom gets its LTE upgrade. So, with luck, that will put the G-Slate in stores as early as March.

I’m getting very curious as to why there is so much secrecy around this product. If it ends up being just another rectangular black Tegra 2 tablet, I think I’m going to be disappointed.

[FCC] via Unwired View