Asus Tablets will be getting Honeycomb

January 13, 2011 | by Michael Heller

Asus Tablets


There had been a little skepticism running around that the upcoming Asus Eee tablets – the Slider, Transformer, and MeMo – wouldn’t be getting Honeycomb. That rumor has been smashed. Asus spokesman Gary Key told Wired magazine that “The Asus Eee tablet will run Honeycomb and will start shipping this summer.”

This answer does make it sound like the tablets will not be launching with Honeycomb though. Saying they will “run Honeycomb” is pretty far in PR speak from saying they will “launch with Honeycomb”. Still, this news seems to confirm that Honeycomb will be coming to non-Tegra 2 devices, because while the Slider and Transformer are both Tegra 2 tablets, the MeMo is a Snapdragon processor. Gary Key is a bit vague in the language, saying “the Asus Eee tablet” while there are three announced Eee tablets, so it’s hard to say if all the tablets will be getting the Android 3.0 upgrade.