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Android NFC apps finally putting feature to use

January 14, 2011 | by Andrew Kameka

Android Apps, Samsung Nexus S


Google believes near field communication (NFC) is the future of mobile, but the present is very limited since only Android 2.3 supports it and the Samsung Nexus S is the only device that can read NFC information. For the select group of people who access to NFC, a couple Android apps have emerged to take advantage of the feature.

EnableTable is a digital coupon scanner and rewards punch card. The program rewards repeat customers and there are no “elaborate games or check-ins to waste your time” either. After the meal is complete and the bill arrives, place your Nexus S on top and a coupon will be redeemed and replaced with another coupon. The program is available only at participating restaurants.

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Taglet is a Japanese app that reads NFC tags and acts on them. A user can scan a tag on a paper or sticker and then the phone will automatically go to a URL or load contact information. It can even be placed on top of another phone and have that person’s phone number appear instantly on your Nexus S, making the number exchange ritual more simple than it’s ever been.

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