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Amazon Android app now available to shoppers in UK

January 26, 2011 | by Andrew Kameka



Amazon debuted for Android in 2009, but it was sadly available only to users in the United States. The British arm of Amazon have announced that its customers can now get a better shopping experience through their mobile phone.

The Amazon App for Android has all the major benefits of shopping on, as well as enhancements to shopping in physical stores. Customers in a shop can scan a product’s barcode and the app will then perform a price comparison among multiple sellers. (However, it only compares sellers affiliated with Amazon.) The app can also provide product information and add it to an Amazon wishlist.

Other Amazon features include:

  • Purchase items using Amazon’s 1-Click® ordering and Amazon Prime
  • Track packages or modify orders using the Your Account feature
  • Receive personalised recommendations
  • View editorial and customer reviews
  • Access Wish List

It’s good to see Amazon UK finally offer the app that U.S. customers have enjoyed for more than a year. Frequent Amazon shoppers will find this app very useful, and having an app built with native currency (GBP) and items available on the UK site rather than the US version makes more sense. But a word to Amazon: don’t take so long rolling this out to other countries.