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10:30 of hands-on Honeycomb demo goodness [Updated with better quality video]

January 6, 2011 | by Michael Heller

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We’ve seen the numerous Honeycomb “first look” videos from T-Mobile and the official preview video shown by… well, just about every vendor at CES, but now we’ve got something better: a real world, hands-on walkthrough of Honeycomb and some of the main features. The video is from the Verizon keynote, with the demo taking place on the Motorola Xoom tablet.

The video is pretty comprehensive, showing the browser, Gmail, a game, even a video call using GTalk. I must say, I am extremely impressed with what Google has done with Android 3.0. I always knew I was going to be in the market for an Android tablet, but I was hoping to wait until there was a device that fit all my specific criteria. Honeycomb has broken my resolve. I may have to buy one of the first Tegra 2 Honeycomb tabs on the market, regardless.