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USTREAM merges Android broadcast and viewing apps, refreshes design

December 17, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka



USTREAM debuted a broadcasting app in September 2009, and then debuted a viewing app two months later. Many wondered why USTREAM would force members to install two separate apps, but that’s no longer an issue since the streaming website has merged two apps into one.

USTREAM is a new app for Android that will broadcast live video from a user’s camera just as easily as it will watch live streams sent from broadcasters on the USTREAM network. While it still takes up more space as the combined footprint of the Viewer and Broadcaster apps (about 3.4 MB), there’s at least only one icon to deal with and some welcome improvements to both halves of the video equation.

A better-looking interface has been added to the USTREAM app. Launching the app opens up a window with easy links for starting a live broadcast or browsing content to watch. The available videos are more organized by categories or favorites, search and refresh expands ways to find up-to-the-minute entertainment, and buttons for sharing are easy to access. There’s also more interactivity through the ability to chat with viewers or broadcasters directly on the phone.

Hats off to USTREAM for getting a leg-up on competitors by delivering a more complete streaming experience in its mobile app. All that’s left now is to address those pesky problems on Samsung devices, which USTREAM says it’s already working to fix.

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  • Broadcast from phone or watch USTREAM broadcasts
  • Chat with others or announce broadcast on Facebook/Twitter
  • Browse categories, featured streams, live events, or mark channels as favorites


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