Tips: Google Goggles may identify wallpapers you want

December 10, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

Android Tricks, Tips


I love Android wallpapers, but I hate having to hunt them down. That’s why I browse Android forums in which people show off what they have discovered and ask them where they got a particular background image. Sadly, people often don’t respond or wait so long that I never notice the reply. Google Goggles might speed-up the process.

A Lifehacker reader points out that Goggles can identify images by scanning a photo and comparing it with other images found on the web. By using Goggles to analyze the screenshots people post, I stand a chance of finding out where that person got the image. And I get my answer instantly, so I’m not at the mercy of another person’s schedule.

I just visited one of many “Post Your Screen” threads at XDA and went through scanning images to test out how effective this can be, and the results were positive. Icon-heavy screens or images full of widgets were almost impossible to use because Goggles kept identifying the text rather than the background image. I was more likely to locate images by avoiding text and trying to get at least 3×2 of just the background image. That’s not always applicable, but it can help when asking the poster proves to be a dead end.

The next time you’re looking to discover what background someone uses, just fire up Google Goggles and you may be surprised with the results.