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Swype Opens Their Beta Program

December 20, 2010 | by Michael Heller

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One of the best known, and highly publicized alternate keyboards for Android is finally in open beta. Swype has been in closed beta for a few months, but now it’s open to anyone.

Swype is quite an elegant solution to the problems of touchscreen typing. Rather than trying to re-imagine the keyboard like 8pen, and therefore cause a big learning curve, Swype keeps the traditional keyboard layout, but changes how you interact with it. Just draw a continuous line from letter to letter. Swype has made headlines because it can greatly improve text input speed, and has led to a world record.

I’ve been in the Swype beta and it is a great way to quickly input text. I never use touch typing on my phone any more. There are a couple odd things that I don’t like with Swype, like the need to loop on a letter for double letters, but overall it is definitely worth a try. Just head over to the Swype beta page and sign up if you want in.

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