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SoundHound now identifies songs for free

December 27, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka



A strange thing happened as I drove over the holiday weekend, playing name that tune with family members: SoundHound suddenly stopped counting how many song searches it performed on my phone. A quick web search then turned up an announcement from SoundHound that confirms the music-identification app is now free.

SoundHound listens to a music track or user singing/humming a song, and then matches the melody to its database of songs. The app is tremendously helpful in identifying songs heard on the radio or in a store, but its freemium model previously allowed only five identifications per month. Android users can now identify songs as much as they want thanks to a recent decision by SoundHound to remove limits on the app and embrace an ad-supported model. Anyone who hates ads can purchase SoundHound Infinity to have the adverts removed.

We previously compared SoundHound with the very similar app Shazam, and ultimately concluded that SoundHound is the better application. Both apps tend to be about the same in terms of accuracy, but SoundHound delivers results faster, offers more methods for searching, and is a better option now that it is free for unlimited searches.