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Nielsen: Android and iPhone in dead heat for most desired phone

December 1, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka



Android or iPhone? iPhone or Android. There’s constant talk of which is better or more popular, and we get a new report every other month vacillating between the two systems as being tops. The latest report comes from Nielsen, which polled nearly 20,000 current cell phone owners to gain a perspective on the smartphone market.

According to Nielsen’s report, Apple iPhone and RIM BlackBerry own the largest smartphone market share in the United States. (Based on a poll of current users, differs from previous data by NPD and Canalys.) Apple and RIM have 27.9 and 27.4 percent respectively, ahead of Android’s 22.7 percent of smartphone buyers.

When it comes time to upgrade, iOS or Android are the likely choices. Nielsen finds that those are the “most desired” phones among people likely to upgrade, and Apple has a slight lead in certain categories. The two platforms are also in close proximity when breaking down by age, gender, and current device type. Interestingly, Android is more desirable among featurephone owners looking to upgrade, but iPhone is more desirable among people who currently own a smartphone. Here are the charts released by Nielsen.