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New Android Market rolling out, some users experiencing errors

December 20, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka



Since late Saturday evening, a few people started reporting that they were having problems with the new Android Market. Then, some users began posting on Google help forums that they couldn’t access the market at all. The cause for people on the old 1.6+ version of the Market may be that they were in the early stages of being updated to the new Android Market.

The Android Market is being sent out to many Android users through a silent over-the-air update that automatically changes phones to the new version we wrote about previously. In this update, users see a new Market that has a carousel of featured apps, in-line listing of related apps, and longer descriptions for apps and recent changes.

Several users who received the update began reporting to Google that they receive an error when attempting to access the My Apps section. The problem seems to strike at random without regard to carrier, device, or OS version. The one common variable seems to be that since the latest version was applied – or users are about to receive the update – and then users receive the following error:

“Attention A server error has occurred. Retry or cancel and return to the previous screen.”

This is not the first time that the Android Market has had problems, so a fix will be applied shortly if history is any indicator. All things are clear on my 2.2 HTC Evo on Sprint, but everyone from 2.2 HTC Desire users in England to 2.1 Samsung Vibrant users are seeing the error message. Cross your fingers that the new Market won’t effect you.

And then get use to having only 15 minutes to refund apps.

[Thanks, Bongo!]