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Google: Gingerbread hardware needs are similar to Froyo

December 7, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

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Despite what you hear or read, Gingerbread does not require a 1 GHz processor in order to work. The LG Facebook page incorrectly stated that Gingerbread requires 1 GHZ or higher to run, but that response was later debunked by a “random note” on Twitter by Android Developer Advocate Dan Morril.

Morril notes that there is no such “hard” requirement for Gingerbread. He reports that “GB H/W needs are similar to FY,” meaning any device with enough hardware (H/W) power to run Froyo (FY) is a likely candidate to be capable of running Gingerbread (GB). So even the phone in question, the Optimus T, is a candidate to run Gingerbread if LG decides to update the software. And that’s where the real problem lies. The drawback to receiving Gingerbread will not be 1 GHz hardware, but carrier and manufacturer willingness to upgrade it.

Do not take this to mean that your G1 is getting Gingerbread. There were limitations that prevented Froyo from running on “legacy” devices and those phones will not suddenly be compatible. However, if you are currently on a phone running Froyo – HTC EVO, Droid, Droid 2, Droid X, Optimus One, etc. – the only thing holding you back from Gingerbread will be the people who sold you the device.

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