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What’s 4G? Tell us and win a copy of Missing Sync for Android

November 3, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

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What is 4G and why should you care? Earlier today, we posted an article on T-Mobile’s decision to refer to HSPA+ as a 4G network in order to be more competitive against other carriers. Based on what we’ve seen on Twitter, not everyone is pleased with T-Mobile’s decision.

Some detractors say T-Mobile is “lying” to its customers by suddenly calling it’s once-3.5G network a 4G network. However, I will remind you that technically speaking, none of the U.S. carriers offer “real” 4G speeds. Truth and marketing have a tricky relationship, so we want to hear what users have to say on the issue.

Are you okay with T-Mobile calling HSPA+ a 4G network?

We’re giving away 10 licenses for Missing Sync, a Mac and PC-compatible program that fills in the gaps and limitations of Android’s cloud-based solutions. The program syncs content between the desktop and mobile devices, passing along music and media files to the phone; calendars with Outlook, Entourage, or iCal; and backs-up photos, contacts, ringtones, and more.

Missing Sync is available for several Android devices (Full compatibility list here) and costs $39.95 for a single-person. For that price, you’ll get all of the aforementioned features and support for Wi-Fi or Bluetooth sync for some features. For the purposes of this

UPDATE: This contest has ended

The winners will be notified shortly. Thanks for participating.

Here are the rules for the contest:


1. Leave a short reply telling us your opinion.

2. Users MUST comment using some form of log-in name (Facebook, IntenseDebate, Twitter, etc.) that can receive messages. Any winner unable to receive communication will be disqualified.