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Unbranded HTC Legends to receive Froyo in the coming weeks

November 5, 2010 | by Lars Aronsson

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HTC Legend

Android 2.2 Froyo – we all want it, many devices have received it already and some Androids will never get it. The HTC Legend, however, will soon join the Froyo club since HTC just announced via its Facebook page that an update is on its way for the device. Unbranded Legends is said to receive Android 2.2 “in the coming weeks”, and those with carrier-branded editions of the Legend will have to wait a bit longer, as usual.

HTC apologies for not replying sooner to all the questions about the Froyo upgrade, and lets us know that they’re working hard on finishing it. It’s good to see that the company doesn’t turn its back on its customers, and HTC is arguably one of the best in keeping its Androids up-to-date. Congratulations to Legend owners on soon getting Froyo, and in a few weeks we’ll all be waiting and hoping for another treat instead: Gingerbread.

We know that a number of you have been very vocal about wanting an update for your Legend. First and foremost, we would like to apologize for not responding to your ongoing pleas about the update. But we have been listening. We have been working hard to find the most accurate information about how the update is progressing, and when it will be ready for all of you – thankfully, you won’t have to wait much longer! Below you’ll find all the information we can share right now.

The update has been progressing quite well, and in the coming weeks those with unbranded Legends should be receiving the update.

For those of you with carrier-branded versions of Legend there will be a slightly longer wait. Once we finalize the update within HTC, the software must then go through the appropriate approval process at each carrier that supports Legend on their network. This is the same process for all of our handsets, and Legend is no different. Once our update has been approved by your specific carrier, you should then receive your software update. How long this process takes can vary, but our team is close to finishing the update and will then work with individual carriers for approval.

If you have any other questions please feel free to ask here. We will share as much information as we can. Thanks for your patience and for being a HTC customer!

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