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OpenFeint increases app sales 39%, reveals new wave of Android games

November 2, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

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Joining OpenFeint really adds to visibility based on numbers just forwarded to us by our friends at the social gaming network. Since racing game SpeedX added OpenFeint and was included in the OpenFeint spotlight, the app has seen sales increases of 39 percent. It also sparked a 9 percent increase in other game from SpeedX publisher HyperBees.

OpenFeint also announced that another set of games that integrate OpenFeint are on the way. The company tends to release games in “Waves,” launching several titles in the same week that can be tracked through its Spotlight app. The apps on the way include some titles you’ve already seen – like Prism 3D and Abduction, which are adding OpenFeint support – and some games that are brand new to the Android Market. Here’s the list of games on the way:

  • Flick Kick Football (PikPok)
  • Dot 3(TM) (ustwo)
  • Cows Don’t Fly, Prism 3D, and JellyBalls (HyperBees)
  • Dynamo Kid (OrangePixel)
  • Abduction! (Psym Mobile)
  • Bonecruncher Soccer (Distinctive Developments)
  • Pocket Racing (Measured Software)
  • Egggz (SmartPix Games)
  • Chopper Control (The Game Boss)
  • and Happy Island (CrowdStar)