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On-screen keyboard SwiftKey on sale today for half its usual price

November 26, 2010 | by Lars Aronsson

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SwiftKey on sale

There are many software keyboard solutions for Android, some more useful than others: Swype, ThickButtons, SlideIT and Smart Keyboard Pro, just to name a few. Daring Android users also have the option to type with completely unconventional keyboards such as 8pen and Dasher.

However, of the traditional on-screen QWERTY keyboards in the Market, SwiftKey is positively a good choice. Nearly every software keyboard tries to bring intuitive predications, spell corrections and word completions to help us type faster and more accurately. SwiftKey does all that, and very well.

For all bilingual people, a benefit with SwiftKey is its ability to handle two languages at once: the keyboard automatically recognizes which language you’re currently using. Another nice SwiftKey feature that I think all on-screen keyboards ought to have, is the option to scan your text messages and learn your own unique words that way.

If you’ve ever considered buying SwiftKey, now’s a good time. To celebrate Black Friday in the U.S. and the success of the app, SwiftKey is on sale today for $1.99 – half its usual price. There’s also a trial version available for those who are interested.

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