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My Taptu joins list of social “stream” readers

November 9, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka



My Taptu arrived today as yet another social news reader that visualizes “streams” that interest you. That can include status updates on Facebook or Twitter, or the many RSS feeds available on the internet.

My Taptu is similar to Pulse News Reader because it offers thumbnails along with headlines, which can be a more visually appealing way of reading the news. Unlike Pulse, My Taptu doesn’t read content within the app. It truncates RSS feeds and requires that users open articles in browser if they want to read the full text of the article. That severely limits the appeal for several users.

While Taptu looks great and performs well, its current set-up might drive away people who prefer to read their RSS feeds within the app. But if you just want a way to hunt news stories in an app that is organized, visually appealing, and speedy, My Taptu should be explored. The app supports Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and RSS available by browsing “streams” or searching.

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