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Lookout adds remote wipe/lock, premium privacy and backup options

November 2, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka



Lookout, Inc., has updated its Lookout Mobile Security app to include some new premium features. Fans of the security app that monitors spyware, backups data, and locates phone position – for free – can now backup, protect, or restore data, and gain extra privacy controls for $2.99 per month or $29.99.

The premium version of Lookout adds Privacy Advisor, which can show detailed reports on what information and capabilities their phone gives to each app. It also adds the ability to remotely lock or wipe the phone, putting the device on par with competitors like WaveSecure. Lookout Free already provides tools for finding your phone’s location if it’s lost or stolen, but now users can rest easy by preventing the phone from being used or erasing it to protect sensitive data.

Lookout Premium also adds enhanced options for backing photos, call history, contacts, and the ability to restore that information when switching to a new device or recovering an erased phone. Users can test the new service for 30 days and if pleased, Lookout Premium will cost users $2.99 per month. Purchasing an annual pass for $29.99 will save buyers a few bucks.

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But before you go, take a look at this little graphic Lookout sent us to show what type of information a phone can see. I include it only because I’m sure it will hit the web soon and doubt people will point out that this chart lacks context. Yes, 31 apps can access your identity and 19 access your location, but how many of those do so for nefarious reasons? Looking at my phone, 12 apps can access my location; however, all of them – from Foursquare to Gowalla to Touiteur – do so for legit reasons involving GPS. I don’t see much value in this particular information, but Lookout is pretty cool based on our preview review.