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Full Tilt Poker brings real gambling to Android 2.2, Flash

November 22, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

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The first Android app that lets people play poker against real opponents for real money has landed in the Android Market. Full Tilt Poker Rush Mobile is available now for devices that have Android 2.2 and support Flash 10.1. Users who meet those requirements can sign-up now and start playing poker for actual money deposited into their Full Tilt accounts rather than the virtual currency typically used in mobile poker games.

Full Tilt reports that this is just a beta app and users may experience some lag or connectivity issues. However, the app uses Rush Poker to increase speed and action at the table, so that may help decrease the chance of a long round leading to problems.

A account is required, as is a deposit of money into your account. A 100% deposit of up to $600 will be matched for your initial deposit. Open the Android Market and download the app to begin play. A list of compatible devices and frequently asked questions can be found here.

The legality of online poker varies depending on your location, so I’ll leave it up to our readers to determine if they can play. Be sure to gamble responsibly.

Thanks, Blake & Cleo!