Facebook for Android now shows photos, notifications, and Places in app. Be gone, Browser!

November 3, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

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Facebook has updated it’s Android app today in attempt to achieve “feature-for-feature” parity with that other mobile platform. After CEO Mark Zuckerberg explained why Facebook for Android has been so lackluster, the company has released a new update that may quell some of the bickering from displeased Android users.

Support for Facebook Places and Groups headlines the latest edition of Facebook for Android. Users can now access Places within the app rather than having to visit the mobile website to check-in or see their friends’ locations. Facebook revealed today that partners like Groupon, The Palms Casino, and other developers will soon be able to use Places as a way to offer deals and incentives to customers, but that will be limited to members in the U.S.

My personal highlight of this update is that Facebook no longer relies on the browser for viewing notifications or photos. Those two activities are also taken care of within Facebook for Android rather than merely linking to the Touch website. Viewing friends photos is noticeably faster and more intuitive in the app than using the browser.

I’m still not spotting an easy way to Facebook chat, but this is another sign that FB is slowly improving the Android experience. Are you finally satisfied or do you still have grievances to air? What am I saying…of course you have grievances to air.

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The new version of the app is available in the following languages: Chinese (SIM/TAI), Czech, Danish, Dutch, US English, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese (POR/BRA), Russian, Spanish (ESP/LAT), Swedish, Turkish