EVO owners, get your HDMI dock for $39.99 at Sprint

November 2, 2010 | by Chris Smith

Accessories, Docks, Sprint


So, you have your big, beautiful HTC Evo with its awesome mini HDMI port for your video viewing on your big, beautiful television. But until now, you have had to just plug your HDMI cable directly into the phone. How barbaric.

Today, Evo owners now have a chance to hook up their HDMI ports via a much classier EVO dock from Sprint. Sprint had promised that the EVO would get the HDMI dock but never really gave a solid date. It seems that this release is pretty late, basically taking a half a year to finally come to market. It looks like they are warming up their accessories for the holiday season, but I am definitely sure many EVO users would have liked this to come to market sooner.

In the box you get the dock as well as an HDMI cable. The cable doesn’t look too long, maybe a couple of feet, but for the use case of having this right next to your HDTV it seems that it is appropriate. So, current EVO owners, check out the Sprint site and to get your hands on one of these, that is if you haven’t already purchased something that does the job.

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