Dell Streak gets a long awaited Android 2.2 update

November 30, 2010 | by Chris Smith

AT&T, Dell


In an attempt to make the The Dell Streak relevant before the holiday season is over, Dell and AT&T are finally bringing it the Android 2.2 update users have been waiting for. When the Dell Streak was released in August it embarrassingly shipped with Android 1.6 on board with a quick update to 2.1 about a month later.

The Froyo update brings all of the expected enhancements of Android to the Streak along with some added functionality from Dell. This includes a new “Dell Stage” homescreen addition that helps organize your homescreens, Swype has replaced the stock keyboard that Dell included, and a small change in the 3G indicator in the notification bar. I think that most could live without the new “Dell Stage” interface, but the additions of Froyo is always a good thing with the most notable being the speed improvements.

Dell is set to launch new colors of the Streak at Best Buy coming soon. The new face lift may help bring on some needed success for the device, but in my opinion, no one other than enthusiasts want a 5-inch screened smartphone. I think that we may have found the sweet spot for devices around 4 to 4.3 inches. It seems like the Dell Streak needs more than a color change and an OS upgrade to be popular amongst consumers.

Via [The Droid Guy]