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Barnes & Noble sends out NOOKColor, Nook update coming next

November 16, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

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The Barnes & Noble NOOKColor ereader/Android tablet is shipping early to stores and customers. The NOOKColor demo units have arrived in some stores already, and remaining units will arrive shortly at Barnes & Noble stores everywhere. Meanwhile, people who placed a pre-order can expect to receive their device today or sometime this week.

In-store purchases for the NOOKColor will be available in limited quantities. Customers who pre-order the $249 device this week will receive it around the Thanksgiving holiday. Click here for more information on the NOOKColor.

And if you’re still using the original NOOK 3G or Wi-Fi with e-ink display to meet your ereading needs, you’ll be getting an update next week. Barnes & Noble didn’t announce what exactly will be on the menu, but count on speed increases, bug fixes, and new features based on previous updates.


Actually, we do know what’s in the updates for Nook e-ink readers. Thanks to Ron in the comments for the clarification:

  • Faster Page Turns
  • Improved Search
  • Customized B&N Library Organization
  • Password Protection
  • Sync Your Last Page to Other Devices Enabled by Our Free Nook apps