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Android Set to Pass Apple iOS and Nokia in Europe

November 29, 2010 | by Michael Heller

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Research firm IDC analyst Francisco Jeronimo told Bloomberg in an interview that Android is set to become the top smartphone platform in Western Europe in 2011. According to Jeronimo’s September report, smartphones jumped from 28% of the total mobile market in Q1 2010 to 34% in Q3; and, in his interview with Bloomberg, he said smartphones will become 45% of the market next year. Much of this growth is due to the explosion of Android devices in the market.

Within the Android ecosystem in Western Europe, HTC is leading manufacturers with 39% of shipments, followed (surprisingly) by Sony Ericsson at 27% and Samsung at 14%, though Samsung is seeing gains since the launch of the Galaxy S line of phones.

Taking a cursory glance at the numbers, it makes sense. Android has grown from 4% of the Western Europe smartphone market in fiscal year 2009 to 23% of the market as of the third quarter 2010:

Western Europe Smartphone System Market Share (IDC data)

             FY 2009        9M 2010        3Q 2010
Symbian        51             38             34
iPhone         21             23             24
Blackberry     15             17             14
WiMo           8              4              3
Android        4              16             23

What concerns me about the numbers is that Windows Phone 7 is never mentioned in either the Bloomberg interview or Jeronimo’s original research. Certainly, following along with the numbers, it would look as though Microsoft were about to disappear from the mobile space, but in that the numbers are misleading. So far, Windows Phone 7 hasn’t made much of an impact, but I’ve played with it, and while it is a first draft, it is at least an interesting alternative, and could skew the numbers going forward. Maybe it won’t stop Android from taking over the number one spot, since so far nothing has been able to slow Android’s momentum, not even Nokia’s revamped OS. But, it feels odd to me that a reputable firm like IDC would seemingly discount a company like Microsoft.

Either way, Android is continuing to roll through the competition worldwide.

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