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Android extends lead as top OS in U.S.

November 1, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

Android News


Two different research groups announced today that Android has extended its lead as the most popular OS among new handset purchases. Both NPD and Canalys announced that its research shows Android powered the most phones purchased in Q3 2010.

While this conversation often turns into an Android vs. iOS discussion, RIM is actually the company suffering most from Android’s growth.

NPD executive Ross Rubin said

“The HTC EVO 4G, Motorola Droid X, and other new high-end Android devices have been gaining momentum at carriers that traditionally have been strong RIM distributors, and the recent introduction of the BlackBerry Torch has done little to stem the tide.”

Canalys found that Open Handset Alliance members grabbed 43.6 percent of the market share, ahead of Apple’s 26.2 percent and RIM’s 24.2 percent. According to NPD’s data, the Droid X and EVO 4G were the fourth and fifth best-selling phones last quarter, trailing the iPhone 4, BlackBerry Curve 8500, and LG Cosmos.

From a global perspective, Nokia and Symbian remain the dominant names. However, there’s room for Android to continue grabbing attention internationally because Symbian is on its way out. Canalys also says emerging markets in Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, and Russia increased smartphone shipments by 112 percent, with Nokia leading sales in all of those countries. Google has some work to do if it wants to mirror its U.S. success throughout the world.