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YouTube Market version ported from Froyo to Eclair phones

October 26, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka



Not everyone likes the new YouTube unveiled recently, but there are some people a wee bit peeved that they didn’t have the option to test it because it requires Android 2.2. XDA Developers Forum member rolle3k felt bad for those folks and wanted to get the Market version of YouTube running on Android 2.1.

With some hackery and code changes, rolle3k managed to get YouTube working on Éclair phones without issue. The only potential drawback is that users must first remove the default YouTube app installed on their device, so you’ll need to use your ADB skills or something like Root Explorer to take care of that. Once the original YouTube is removed, users can then install the new version that is available in this XDA thread.

Google has made an effort to increase the number of people able to access the latest and greatest apps by removing key Google Android apps and making them available for download. Unfortunately, many of these cool new features still require the latest firmware and are unavailable as a result. It’s good to know that people are working to get these features into as many hands as possible.

via [XDA]