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Winamp for Android is here, and it rocks

October 21, 2010 | by Lars Aronsson

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WinAmp for Android

Winamp is an immensely popular and widespread Windows music player that was released by Justin Frankel in 1997. It was one of the first great MP3 players for Microsoft’s OS, and I’ve personally used it devotedly ever since its release. Yesterday, Winamp dropped an official Android app in the Market – and it’s good. In fact, after trying the mobile version for a while, I’m pretty sure Winamp will be my only music player for Android, as well as for my desktop.
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The team behind the Winamp app has done an excellent job with the user-interface in particular, which is slick, intuitive, fluid and fun to use. The application is still in beta and has some minor bugs, but it works surprisingly well for an initial release. Here are some of its features, quoted from the official announcement. Check the bottom of the post for screen shots.

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“Mobilize Your Library

A complete Android media management solution, that seamlessly syncs with your Winamp desktop library (USB or Wi-Fi).

Wireless Desktop Sync

No need to tie your Android phone down. Enable Wi-Fi sync and leave your cable behind (Winamp 5.59 beta required).

Persistent Player Controls

Quickly pause, change tracks, manage your play queue, see what’s playing and access the Winamp home screen.

Play Queue Management

The play queue is a temporary track listing that allows you to easily select and sort tracks. And if you like, save it as a playlist.

Widget Players & Shortcuts

Add playlist shortcuts and the widget player to the Android home screen. As well as enable playback control from the lock-screen.

Now Playing

Displays song info, album art and more. Press and hold on the song info to interact with other apps like Pandora, YouTube and the Amazon MP3 Store.


Supports scrobbling with the app installed (on your Android device). Capturing all of your mobile listening history in real time.”

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