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Twitoc adds camera plug-in for quick photo-sharing and tweeting

October 11, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka



Twitoc debuted several months ago as a simple way to tweet without having to reach for the keyboard. The ability to talk your tweets through a convenient little widget is great, but what if you want to add a photo, too?

A new plug-in for Twitoc has been released by its developers, Mobicartel, that does just that. The Twitoc Camera Plug-in, available for $0.99 Canadian, makes it possible to share images with a quick press of a button. Once installed, the Twitoc widget can snap a photo and record a voice message to accompany it. Users will also have the option of retaking a photo or re-recording the voice message for the sake of accuracy.

As we said in the previous review of Twitoc, this is not a necessity – it’s a shortcut. Using the Google Voice Recognition engine has been a convenient way to tweet without having to type or deal with some keyboards not including a link to the speech-to-text feature. Devices with Android 2.1 or higher can download the main Twitoc app and then install the plug-in for quick camera sharing.