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Tweetdeck user stats show the popularity of hacked ROM’s

October 12, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

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Ever wanted to know how diverse are Android users? Take a look at this chart from TweetDeck. After racking up more than 36,000 installs of its beta Android application, TweetDeck has taken a look at the numbers and come up with an interesting pie chart showing just how varied the Android experience can be.

Some people may look at this as “fragmentation” but that’s not exactly an issue that matters in this case. Fragmentation only matters when talking about apps or features that aren’t available on certain devices. The TweetDeck app has been built to work on Android 1.6 and higher, so who cares which version accesses it, right?

What really interests me is how many custom ROM’s are accessing TweetDeck. There are dozens of custom ROM’s on that list, some running on devices never meant to use Android, including an HD2 and an iPhone 2G. My experience with hacked ROM’s has taught me that there’s a possibility that certain apps and devices may sometimes not interact well with each other. Seeing the number of OS versions in the wild displays just how much of a nightmare it would be to deal with those, “Doesn’t work with CyanogenMod” complaints.

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