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Three UK releases HTC Desire Froyo update tomorrow

October 13, 2010 | by Lars Aronsson

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HTC Desire

Delaying firmware updates is one of many undesirable effects carriers can have on phones. While those rocking unlocked and unbranded HTC Desires have been able to enjoy Android 2.2 for months now, some carriers have yet to release Froyo for the device. Three UK is one of them, but now the company has announced via a tweet that owners of branded Desires at long last will get the latest version of Android tomorrow. The folks at Three in the UK have even bravely specified an exact time when HTC will make the update available: 16:00 Taiwanese time, and that’s 9AM in England. Congrats to Three subscribers on finally getting Froyo, and hopefully the next Android update will be less delayed.

Three UK releases Froyo update for HTC Desire tomorrow

Via [EuroDroid]