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The Sony Ericsson PlayStation Phone is real

October 27, 2010 | by Lars Aronsson

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Sony Ericsson PlayStation Phone

Back in early August, a rumor started that Sony Ericsson had an Android powered PlayStation phone in the works. Some people questioned the authenticity of the handset, but now Engadget has posted a series of hard-to-argue-with pictures that show a prototype of the future SE gaming device.

The PlayStation Phone will supposedly be released sometime in the next few months – perhaps even in time for the holidays, but more likely in 2011. The device is said to run Gingerbread (Android 2.3?) and feature a Sony Marketplace, which will let users buy and download games that have been specifically designed for the platform.

The prototype device in the gallery is rocking a second-gen 1GHz Qualcomm MSM8655 processor with the same Adreno 205 GPU that can be found on the HTC Desire Z, Desire HD and myTouch. It sports 512MB of RAM, a 1GB ROM, custom slide-out gaming controls, and the screen is estimated to be somewhere between 3.7 – 4.1 inches. If you wonder what that oval area in the middle of the gaming keys is for, it’s apparently a long touchpad with multitouch capability, which should be able to provide some interesting gameplay options.

SE PlayStation Phone

The PlayStation Phone along with its custom game market sounds a lot like N-Gage: Nokia’s mobile gaming debacle. Nokia eventually closed N-Gage and made all its games available in the OVI Store instead, but hopefully Sony Ericsson will be more successful at creating a phone and portable gaming console hybrid. After all, PlayStation is a very strong brand.

I personally wish SE would’ve used a more powerful, dual-core processor such as the Tegra 2 for the device. The Tegra 2 is more suitable for intense graphics, and the rumored PlayStation Phone basically has the same hardware as my HTC Desire, although with a faster, second-gen Snapdragon chip instead. But at least the specs of the PlayStation Phone blow the current PlayStation Portable out of the water.

Do you think this device will be a success, or will SE’s PlayStation Phone be for hardcore gamers only? Would you also have preferred more state-of-the-art hardware, or are you pleased with the specs?

The Sony Ericsson PlayStation Phone is real, gets caught on camera

Update: Engadget – one of the world’s largest tech blogs – can usually be trusted, but according to NowGamer, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe claims the images of the PlayStation Phone are fake. What do you think?

Update 2: Engadget has now ensured the PlayStation Phone indeed is real.

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