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T-Mobile G2 hardware issues emerge: half the promised storage and loose hinges on some units?

October 2, 2010 | by Lars Aronsson

HTC, T-Mobile

T-Mobile G2 hardware issues

Whenever a new device is introduced on the market that is sold in large quantities, problems are bound to emerge for a hopefully limited number of unlucky buyers. Reports of hardware and software issues don’t necessarily indicate that the glitches are common, but they’re naturally frustrating enough for those who experience them.

Shortly after the release of the T-Mobile G2, the successor to the G1, various complaints began to pop up in Android forums. The biggest ones so far are loose hinges that make the keyboard snap shut in some angles, and more surprisingly; it seems that a few G2 units have 2GB of internal storage instead of the promised 4GB. As Engadget pointed out, 2GB is the amount of space on the HTC Desire Z: the G2’s transatlantic twin. It’s unlikely that a mix-up has occurred (how?), but discovering that your promised storage has been cut in half is an unpleasant surprise – if that indeed is the case for some owners.

Anyone rocking the G2 experiencing any issues so far?

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