Sleep Bot Tracker Log helps you become mindful of your sleep patterns [App Reviews]

October 4, 2010 | by Chris Smith

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Being a college student and “part-ish” time worker I have found that my sleep patterns and sleep durations are really screwed-up. Just like any of my other problems I figured that there was an Android app out there that could help “cure” me. Enter Sleep Bot Tracker Log (SBTL) a full-featured sleep tracking app for your Android phone.

SBTL is a really slick, easy to use app. But don’t let it’s simple UI fool you. There are a lot of “smarts” to this app that can definitely help you get a hold of your sleep patterns and help recognize certain problem areas. On the main screen, the “Home” tab, there is a simple “going to sleep” button for initiating sleep mode. The button then turns to “waking up” for use when you roll out of bed. Notes can be added to the current entry you have made and then can be saved or deleted. Your entries are then logged and tracked on one of the several available graphs which include sleep trend, duration, pattern, sleep time, and wake time and can be viewed for past 10 days, 30 days, 60 days, or 180 days.

In the settings you can identify what your optimal sleep duration would be, different formats, sleep and punch in/out reminders, and much more. A couple of settings that are noteworthy are setting your device to airplane mode, shutting down WiFi, or even turning the phone to silent mode when the app is in “sleep mode”. This is a nice quick and easy way to make yourself not available while using the app.

One thing that is still hard for me to do with this app is to remember to hit the sleep button when I fall asleep and the wake button when I wake up! SBTL has a reminder notification that comes up in the notification bar but that still doesn’t seem like enough for me. My little trick has been to pop the app up when I should be going to sleep and when my alarm goes off with Tasker. This seems to be a good fix and helps me remind myself to check in/out.

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  • allows user to track sleep patterns by logging in and out of sleep durations
  • ability to add sleep times manually
  • small reminders for logging in and out
  • many different charts and tracking tools
  • settings for identifying proper amount of sleep as well as turning airplane mode on, turning WiFi off, or silent mode on
  • Free!


  • Logging in/out may need a better reminder system or setting

APP: Sleep Bot Tracker Log