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Sharp releases the IS03 in Japan featuring a 960×640 retina display and 9.6MP camera

October 4, 2010 | by Lars Aronsson

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Sharp IS03

Engadget is reporting that an Android device called IS03 is headed for the KDDI au network in Japan next month thanks to Sharp, and this particular handset has several notable and interesting hardware features. Above all, it doesn’t come with Android’s usual WVGA (800×480) display, as it rocks a 3.5-inch screen with a 960×640 resolution that matches the iPhone 4’s “retina display”. It also features Advanced Super View (ASV) – a technology that improves the viewing angle.

On top of the impressive display, the IS03 also boasts a 9.6 megapixel camera with image stabilization and autofocus, a one-seg TV tuner, and something called Osaifu-Keitai. The latter apparently enables the phone to be used for contactless payments in subways, et cetera.

The IS03 supports Global Passport CDMA and runs Android 2.1, but it will most likely get a Froyo upgrade sooner or later. This bad boy will unfortunately not be distributed outside Japan, but hopefully we’ll see Android phones featuring such hi-res screens before long in the rest of the world as well.

Sharp IS03

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