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Samsung Galaxy Tab on T-Mobile pricing unveiled, $399 on contract and $649 off?

October 10, 2010 | by Lars Aronsson

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Samsung Galaxy Tab

We’ve previously discussed the potential pricing for the Samsung Galaxy Tab, and reports of $900-1300 price tags in parts of Europe have indicated that it’s going to be an expensive device to buy unlocked. Now a leaked slide that TmoNews managed to get its hands on has revealed what T-Mobile is going to charge for the tablet. If the document is to be believed, the Galaxy Tab will cost $399 on a 2-year contract, after a $50 rebate. If you don’t want your Tab to be locked for two years, you have to cough up an extra $250, since the off-contract price will be $649.99. The monthly data costs are still unclear.

Another document comparing the Samsung Galaxy Tab to its main competitor, the Apple iPad, was also leaked. One can easily argue that of the two tablets, the Galaxy Tab is more powerful, with its dual cameras, micro SD card slot, HDMI out, twice the RAM, a superior CPU, Flash support, and not least Android Froyo, of course. The iPad is also twice as heavy, but it sports a 9.7-inch screen that is larger than the 7-inch display of the Galaxy Tab. In comparison, the 16GB, Wi-Fi only version of the iPad costs $499, and the Wi-Fi/3G version costs $629 (both off-contract).

Is the Galaxy Tab’s pricing reasonable, or is Samsung and T-Mobile making a mistake by charging this much for the tablet? Will you get one?

Samsung Galaxy Tab on T-Mobile pricing unveiled, $399 on contract and $649 off?

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