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Rumor Overload: DigiTimes says to expect tablets & more Android treats in 2011

October 19, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka


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There’s a great deal of talk centered on upcoming Android tablets and desert-themed naming structures. But before we continue, let’s remind everyone that these rumors stem from DigiTimes, a not-always-reliable source of information. With that said, let’s continue with looking at the current hot rumors.

Tablets a plenty at CES 2011

Nevermind that HTC has said that it’s waiting on finding the right way to deliver a tablet. According to DigiTimes unnamed sources, Acer, ASUS, HTC, Motorola, and others will have something to show off at CES. Forgive me for rolling my eyes, but those same names, and many more I care not to list, were supposed to show tablets at CES 2010. And those that did show off a tablet haven’t released anything.

Android 3.0 heading to OEM’s in December

In two months, Android 3.0 will be made available to manufacturers in December. That’s when Samsung will supposedly introduce a 3.0-enabled Galaxy Tab, says DigiTimes. This is a little more plausible, except it’s slightly in conflict with Samsung’s on-the-record statement that it will have a Honeycomb tablet next year. It would be great for the Tab to be updated to 3.0 later this year, but I’m sure Samsung would “Showcase” the new product rather than a re-polished old one.

Android 4.0 comes in 2H 2011

This one I don’t place much stock in because Google has been very meticulous about its naming structure and version number. Back when people mistakenly started calling Donut “Android 2.0,” Google was quick to correct folks. One Google employee I spoke with said that the company reserves the big jump in version numbers for major changes in the platform, so Cupcake (1.5) to Donut (1.6) wasn’t dramatic enough to warrant the 2.0 title. The jump from Donut to Éclair (2.0) warranted that switch.

DigiTimes says that Android 4.0 will arrive in the second half of next year, but I’m hesitant to accept that Google has bothered to think that far ahead –especially since we still don’t have confirmation about what we’ll see in Gingerbread and Honeycomb.

via DigiTimes