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Rumor: Barnes & Noble readying full-color NOOK e-reader

October 21, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

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When Barnes & Noble began sending invites to a “big event” next week in New York City, people immediately began whispering that an Android-based Nook e-reader with color was on the way.

CNET reports that it’s hearing those same whispers from trusted sources that say B&N will unveil the Nook Color, a 7-inch e-reader screen available for $249. The source says that this is a major product the company has been working on, but is not a full-fledged reader/tablet like the iPad. He/she was unable to pinpoint what type of color screen the device uses, but CNET theorizes that B&N may have a color screen that performs better in direct sunlight than the LCD screens that are currently available.

Barnes & Noble would continue selling its current e-ink readers, so Nook Color would be an alternative product rather than a replacement to the popular ereader that debuted last year. If Barnes & Noble does announce this rumored device next week, it’s likely to debut this holiday season.