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Nimbuzz asked to end Skype support, continue with its own calling service

October 25, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka



It seems another third-party Skype client will no longer support the VoIP calling service. Nimbuzz General Manager Tobias Kemp took to the company blog to announce that Nimbuzz will no longer support Skype effective October 31, 2010.

“Skype asked us to remove support for their service,” Kemper wrote in the blog post. “Skype’s decision to ask us to stop supporting their service seems to be part of a strategy to disconnect all open third party support. So it doesn’t come as a surprise, but it is certainly unfortunate.”

This follows Fring’s alleged forced-removal of Skype video support, which could be a sign that Skype plans to take back control of its platform. Though Nimbuzz will no longer be able to let users reach their contact through Skype, it will operate through NimbuzzOut, its own calling service, and continue to use the instant messaging networks already supported. (AIM, Facebook, ICQ, Gtalk, MSN, Myspace, Yahoo.)

Here’s how they plan to sweeten the pot and encourage adoption of Nimbuzz:

  • We’re offering you a 15% bonus credit to use on NimbuzzOut. That’s 15% extra on top of the credits you want to purchase. To access the 15% bonus credit, go to and once logged-in, use this code NIMBUZZ15 (valid until end of November 2010).
  • NimbuzzOut now lets you call mobile phones and landlines in 45 countries for only 2 cents per minute!
  • NimbuzzOut is supported on more than 115 Symbian devices, all iPhone / iPod Touch, and all of the Android handsets.

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