Leaked ROM from upcoming T-Mobile myTouch already ported to Nexus One

October 20, 2010 | by Lars Aronsson

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myTouch ROM ported to Nexus One

A leaked ROM from the upcoming 3.8-inch T-Mobile myTouch, also known as the myTouch HD/4G, has already been ported to the Nexus One thanks to forum member eVIL D: at the xda-developers. The port is still in the early stages of development, but Nexus owners who are eager to preview the myTouch’s rendition of Android can head over to the XDA and give it a spin. The cell radios, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are functional, though the camera, video playback and Wi-Fi calling are currently a no-go.

The ROM is unusually large, so you’ll need a 512MB partition on your memory card before flashing it. It’s very easy to partition your SD with ROM Manager – just be sure to make a backup of it first because it will be wiped in the process. The folks over at Android Central gave this ROM a try and took the screenshots below. Their impression: they want a myTouch. Download links and further instructions can be found at xda-developers.

myTouch ROM ported to Nexus One

Via [xda-developers, AC]